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A fresh approach to group journaling.


Ponder has been set to rest in a grassy pasture.

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Ponder looks like this:

Here’re some usecases

Features so far!

Possible upcoming features: Publishing, Private posts, Backlinking, Clipboard, Article style posts, Post chaining, Content pattern discovery tools, Mobile App

Why do this thing?

We believe that small groups of people working creatively together is something the world could use more of. Sharing deeper thinking, enjoying each other’s company, collaborating creatively, working problems together helps us bond in a way that produces the best kinda relationships.

Healthy, creative relationships are more essential than ever. So, we’re building Ponder to give our members (and ourselves) a place to play with words together. We hope you see as much value in this fun weird project as we do.

Dave, Kristen, & Gustavo

A personal favor

So, you’ve made it this far, which I’m guessing means you’re intrigued by this thing. If you could do us a favor and send a link to this site to a friend who might think so too, we’d be very seriously grateful. We’re trying to see how many of us there are out there. Thanks!

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